Broken nose – treatment at Heiden


A broken nose often results in unattractive bumps or crookedness. This can significantly impair facial symmetry, and lead to the person affected feeling like their face is not their own.
At Klinik am Rosenberg, people affected by broken noses and in search of a specialist clinic with extensive experience in corrective nasal surgery will feel they are in excellent hands. Among the specialist areas offered by the clinic’s ENT department is functional rhinoplasty. If you have broken your nose, you can rely on being treated by experts in this field. Indeed, the specialists at the clinic in Heiden have made it their goal, in cases of broken noses, to restore the original appearance of the face by means of nasal surgery. Following surgery, the clinic’s picturesque surroundings contribute significantly to speeding up the recovery process. Only a few days after reconstructive surgery, the only visible sign of the operation is the result itself.

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