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NasenkorrekturNose operations are among the operations most frequently performed in Germany. With ever increasing frequency, patients are coming to our practice with requests for revision rhinoplasty. These are patients who are dissatisfied with the aesthetic results of an earlier operation or who are suffering from a nasal breathing impairment. Even though we can offer no guarantee for the expected results of a nose operation, Dr Hundt’s experience and references speak for themselves.

To rule out the possibility that the requested correction might not be feasible, an intensive, personal consultation takes place between the patient and the surgeon. During this consultation, comprehensible answers are given to all questions. The expected result of the nasal surgery is simulated by means of a special computer program, giving the patient an exact picture of how he will presumably look after the operation. The patient is of course allowed to take a copy of the simulated image home with him to help him in his decision making.

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