Comprehensive rhinoplasty advice with the aid of computer simulation

NasenkorrekturRegardless of whether your wish for a nose operation is the result of purely aesthetic considerations or a response to impaired nasal breathing, the aim of any operation should be to achieve a natural-looking, fully functional result. Dr Hundt, by virtue of his many years of professional experience as a specialist in functional and aesthetic rhinoplasty corrections and other plastic-reconstructive surgical procedures, is ideally qualified to do just that.
Any wish for a nose operation can be discussed with Dr Hundt in terms of what is potentially achievable. There is no time pressure during the consultation so that all issues can be discussed and explained at leisure. To show you what the planned result of your nose operation will look like, Dr Hundt will create a computer-simulated preview. Naturally, you will be able to take a printout of this home with you to help you in your decision making. You are welcome to call us to schedule an appointment for a comprehensive, personal conversation in which any questions you may have concerning a nose operation can be answered.

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