In Heiden, convalescence times following nose surgery are short.

Rhinoplasty only requires a short convalescence period

NasenkorrekturAt the Hirslanden Klinik am Rosenberg in the Swiss town of Heiden, where physicians serve the needs of different surgical disciplines, Dr Hundt also performs operations in the ENT field of medicine. In addition to operations for aesthetic or functional revision rhinoplasty, Dr Hundt also specialises in otoplasty and wrinkle treatments. Among the procedures conducted by Dr Hundt, both in Heiden and at his Munich practice, is secondary rhinoplasty, which involves correcting the unsatisfactory result from prior nasal surgery conducted in other clinics.

Both clinics at which he works offer highly sophisticated equipment and the ideal conditions for conducting state-of-the-art nasal surgery. To the extent possible, the surgery techniques used by Dr Hundt at both clinics are minimally invasive, so as to cause the patients as little discomfort as possible. Thanks to his many years of experience and expert incision techniques, Dr Hundt’s surgery results are invariably optimal. As a rule, rhinoplasty is performed under general anaesthetics and involves a clinic stay of two to three days. The picturesque surroundings and peace and quiet at the clinic offer ideal conditions for recovery following surgery. It will take around two weeks for you to look fully normal and feel presentable again.

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