Rhinoplasty for aesthetic or functional reasons

NasenkorrekturIts central position makes the nose, or its shape, the one element that largely determines the appearance of your face. Many people seek rhinoplasty particularly when their noses are very large or have grown crookedly. Rhinoplasty provides a means by which the overall appearance of the face can be made harmonious and symmetrical.

If the nose is also functionally impaired because of its form – as in the case of some long hooked noses, for example – it is possible to perform functional rhinoplasty during the same surgical session. The nasal turbinates or nasal septum can be reduced, for example, and even the paranasal sinuses can be operated on.

Thus rhinoplasty can produce not only an attractive exterior but also freer, unimpeded nasal respiration. Requests for rhinoplasty are always discussed with Dr. Hundt in advance to determine the form in which the desired corrections can be performed. A computer simulation enables prospective patients to view the planned result in advance and provides a printout that they can take with them.

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